15 Signs of a great team… Recognise any of these?

You don’t "have a team" just because you have several people working on the same tech stack .

I see so many leaders kidding themselves into thinking that they have a team just because they hired a bunch of people to work on the same project.

Bringing a group together is one thing. Having those people care
about each other and performing as a team, is a very different thing.

But somehow so many people just assume that this group will automatically and instantaneously become a team.

You have a (high performing) team when they:

✓ are united and inspired by a single vision and goal you set out

✓ they proactively look out for each other

✓ they refocus each other if they stray from the goal they commited to deliver

✓ they understand each other's needs and quirks and how they all complement each other's skills

✓ they are unafraid to give each other honest feedback safe in the knowledge that they won't be seen as an enemy for being honest

✓ they assume no malice behind any action taken by any team member, and just perhaps ignorance or incompetence which is swiftly addressed through a team knowledge sharing exercise

✓ they don't see one person as THE person who gets everything done, they appreciate each other for each other's qualities and contributions to the outcome

✓ they address issues that arise in the team quickly, they don't let it fester and damage relationships

✓ they have each other's back - if one falls behind, the others will pitch in to fill the gap and not feel bitter or hard done by because they know the others would have their back in the same situation

✓ they work together to figure out what went wrong, without assigning individual blame

✓ they hold each other accountable and address it swiftly with each other if they feel that the standard is slipping

✓ they feel proud together for what they achieved

✓ they pick up things that no one might have noticed had slipped without making sure everyone knows they did it, because they don't worry someone else in the team will claim credit for their hard work

✓ they show gratitude to each other regularly and praise. each other, not just criticise each other

✓ they work out issues between themselves and tell you what they need from you to succeed.

But all of this is fostered and ignited by you, their leader.

What other signs are there that a group of people operate as a team?

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