Building trust is a skill...

It's not some magic that happens just because you work with people or you spend time with them.

People can open up small trust opportunities and depending on your reaction to those, they then either give you more (often unconscious!) opportunities to trust you or not..

You build trust with people through vulnerability - either you show vulnerability and allow them to help you (especially if you have higher status than them!) or they are vulnerable and you help them.

Or they tell you an uncomfortable or inconvenient truth - your reaction to this makes or breaks their trust in you.

Trust is also built on confidence -:do you seem sure of yourself when proposing something or do you hesitate and serm full of doubts?

Do you keep your word and do what you say you'll do?
Managers often underestimate just how much trust they lose with staff by not following up or delivering on the smallest stuff!

How else can you build trust?

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Photo: With Caroline Brown (she/her) - someone I would trust with my house and my life.



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