If your team started leaving or being demotivated 12-18 months after you started managing them, this post is for you:

Here's the scenario:

✓ it's your first time as a people manager
✓ you are doing your best
✓ you are anxious to ensure people deliver as now you feel responsible
✓ but people don't seem to take any responsibility or ownership
✓ you constantly have to chase them
✓ you constantly have to check if they're doing everything right
✓ no one seems to appreciate how hard you work
✓ it's been 12-18 months and you see several people leaving their jobs, the others seem to have checked out mentally and are not interested in what you say.

I hate to tell you - but honestly ...
it's not them, it's YOU!

You're probably:

✓ not giving them positive reinforcements or constructive feedback
✓ haven't built rapport or trust with them
✓ not given them clear goals, guidance or support.

Every time you are the most senior person in a team, you have to look at yourself first.

Ask yourself:

What am I doing to contribute to this dynamic and get the results I'm getting with these people?

If you can't find any answers, ask your team and promise them that you won't be upset by their answers.

People will see you making mistakes but not telling you because they'll worry about your reaction!

What mistakes have you seen first time managers make?

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