Where does the role of VP Engineering or CTO start and that of VP Product or CPO begin?

That’s a question I ask CPOs and VPs of Product in the Discovery Phase for an advisory role or a project with deliverables for a CTO.

Most CPOs struggle with that question. They often say there’s no clear roles split.

The roles of VP of Engineering and VP of Product can vary depending on the specific needs and structure of the startup.

VP of Engineering is responsible for:
✓ leading the engineering team
✓ overseeing the development of the company’s technology products.
✓ managing the technical architecture, infrastructure, and software development processes
✓ ensuring efficient and effective product development.
✓ hiring and managing technical staff
✓ coordinating with other departments within the company to ensure that technical solutions meet business requirements.

VP of Product is responsible for:
✓ leading the product team
✓ overseeing the development and delivery of the company’s products
✓ identifying customer needs,
✓ developing product roadmaps,
✓ prioritizing features and functionality, and
✓ collaborating with other departments to ensure that the product meets the company’s goals and objectives.
✓ conducting market research,
✓ analyzing user data,
✓ working closely with the engineering team to ensure that products are delivered on time and within budget.

In some startups, there may be no VP Product or the roles might overlap between the responsibilities of the VP of Engineering and VP of Product, particularly in smaller organizations where resources are limited.

What difference have you identified between the VP Engineering and VP Product roles?

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